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Next Parish Council Meeting, Monday 16th October.  See Agenda


Village Meeting to discuss SCDC ‘Call for Sites’ – 18th Sept 17

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting and contributed their ideas.  We’ll be using that feedback to help formulate the Parish Council response to SCDC, which will be shared with you in due course.  Around 120 people attended, so we had a good level of representation from villagers.

One of the questions asked was “what more can we do” to prevent excessive land development, so here we’ve listed a number options to help people engage to ensure Kirton and Falkenham develop in ways that you would wish.

  1. Write to SCDC planning to register your concerns – by 30th October.  The more objections received, the more likely notice will be taken*
  2. Write to your MP (Therese Coffey)
  3. Write to the land owner(s)
  4. Find out about the proposals at
  5. Join Kirton Community & Countryside Conservation on facebook and share ideas, especially about co-ordinating responses
  6. Think about opportunities to engage more widely eg social media, newspapers, radio/TV etc.
  7. Please share this information with you friends and neighbours – unfortunately we’re still hearing of people who don’t know about what’s happening
  8. Follow the latest updates from the Parish Council by registering for email updates at, or follow us on twitter @Kirtonfalkenham
  9. Unfortunately we’ve missed the deadline for the October edition of  the Kirton & Falkenham Review, so please share this notice with anyone you feel may be interested 

* Individual letters work better than signed copies of a standard letter

Kirton & Falkenham Parish Council Planning

Links and other details are listed below

SCDC address: Suffolk Coastal District Council Planning Policy and Delivery Team Riduna Park, Station Road Melton, Woodbridge Suffolk, IP12 1RT

SCDC email:

Issues and Options for the Suffolk Coastal Local Plan Review

SCDC Local Plan Consultation: On line system for answering questions posed in the Review document.

Note: If you wish to comment the Issues and Options document which are not relevant to these questions you would need raise them in email/letter form to SCDC

Employment Land Needs Assessment  

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment Volume 2  

Initial Sustainability Appraisal Site Assessments

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report


New Housing & Employment Land Proposals Kirton & Falkenham Village Meeting—7.30pm Monday 18th September, Kirton Church Hall

See the K&F briefing leaflet, including map and list of sites Here

Suffolk Coastal District Council is now undertaking a Local Plan Review which is to begin with the Issues and Options document which is published for public consultation from Friday 18th August until Monday 30th October 2017. The consultation document and other supporting information can be found through this link:

Land offered for development by landowners for the local area is detailed on page 94 for Kirton. Pages 122 and 123 detail land offered for the Trimleys, this would have an impact on Kirton.

The Parish Council will be liaising with neighbouring parish councils and residents in order to develop a response to this consultation.

SCDC will also be holding their own drop in sessions.  The Kirton session will be held in the Recreation Ground Pavillion between 16.00 and 1900 on Monday the 2nd October. Details here


Speeding through the village

As a result of requests to consider the use of Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) by some villagers, the PC last night agreed to undertake an assessment of possible locations for a moveable sign (the principle is to have 1 or more locations & the sign is moved between them).  Given the cost (estimated between £1,500 and £3,500) we are also considering trying to work with other nearby PC in order to share the cost burden.


Footpath closure - Falkenham Creek to Kings Fleet (Deben shore walk) 15/08/2017 - 22/10/2017 

Closure will allow flood defence repair work to take place


Rogue fish sellers

Trading Standards have received reports of them being in the Felixstowe and East Ipswich area. Desc. - 3 men in white coats, operating from a white van. Trading Standards regularly receive calls from home owners who have been duped or bullied into spending large amounts of money on poor quality and misdescribed fish, sometimes not even fit for consumption. These traders travel nationally, cold calling consumers’ homes selling the fish. This is often misdescribed, mislabelled or unlabelled, overpriced and sometimes underweight. They are targeting vulnerable consumers and using high pressure sales techniques. Trading Standards urge caution if consumers do decided to buy on their doorsteps – make sure you get fish that is accurately described, reasonable price and that you don’t feel bullied into making quick decisions on purchasing.

Further information via Advice or report please call 03454 040506


A village Community Shop for Kirton and Falkenham meeting Saturday 15th July 10.00 am at the Pavilion on the REC.

An oportunity to bring your enthusiasm and ideas for this potentential new venture. As much support as possible is needed.

Ask your Questions and have your input into this one-off opertunity for our villages.

Contact Susan on 448780 or Jo on 07955128818

This is a follow up to Monday's successful meeting, all welcome


UPDATE - EAONE and Scottish Power Renewables meeting 28th June

K&F PC met with SPR to progress the key issues outstanding from their presentation on 10th April. 

Traffic management:

  • SPR advised that Innocence Lane is under consideration as an alternative to traffic passing TSM School (SPR to advise when decision is made)
  • Whilst a max of 136 vehicle transits (26 Tonne HGVs) are authorised, the practical max will be 60 per day (6 days per week).  This peak would be limited to 2-3 weeks at the beginning and at the end of the project. (2-3 years overall duration)
  • A small number (in the 10's) of articulated lorries will be used for transporting specialist plant.
  • Hours of transport operation will be 07.00 to 19.00hrs.  The plan is to avoid peak school times (08.00-09.00 & 15.00-16.00hrs).  SPR were advised to undertake a traffic study by the PC.

Recycled bulk aggregates:

  • SPR have committed to provide documentation demonstrating the prevention of dangerous substances leaching from the support road material to be used along the length of the cable duct for installation transport.

Click here for a more complete summary of the meeting.


The SCDC response to Bidwells addressing the Innocence Farm Scoping Request is now on the SCDC planning website


EAONE and Scottish Power Renewables

The presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting on 10th April by Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) raised a number of concerns which are being taken up.  The matter relates to cable works across the parish in connection with off-shore wind farms and impacts the Parish in respect of traffic magement, footpath closures and the management of recycled materials used in the project.  The most significant concerns relate to the proposal for HGVs to transit through the 7.5 Tonne weight restriction by the school, and anticpated inadequate inspection of recycled materials in accordance with Environment Agency recommendation. For further information see: Details of current communications with SPR (11th May & earlier); Footpath impacts; Traffic management plan; Traffic notification to residents of Park Lane


Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Plans are a Government led initiative to give voice to parishioners as to where housing and other development should take place.  If you would like to get involved or learn more about developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Kirton & Falkenham please contact John Fothergill on 01394 448872 or by email


 Innocence Farm meeting with SCDC Planning - 16th March 2017

K&F PC together with other local Parish Councils met with Philip Ridley (SCDC, Head of Planning) during which our collective concerns were raised. We were advised that no Planning Application is in place, and Bidwells had been advised that it would be unwise for them to pursue an application outside of, or prior to, the Local Plan Review (to cover the next 20 years) which is currently underway within SCDC and first consultation with Parish Councils expected to start in June/July, with a target of mid 2019 for full adoption. SCDC expressed their desire is to ensure full community engagement in the Review and anticipate commencing communications to that effect within a couple of months.

Mr Ridley did confirm that he would be working to ensure that all ‘brownfield’ sites in the Port area would be utilised before taking up ‘greenfield’ sites such as Innocence Farm. He did however make it clear that his duty is in satisfying the planning needs, including the need to ensure economic growth, for the Suffolk Coastal District, hence he is working with the Port to understand their needs. The stimulus for the Scoping document submitted by Bidwells (see article below) appears to have arisen out the discussions which he and his SCDC team have held with the Port, Trinity College, Bidwells and shipping companies during the past twelve months.

In addition to highlighting the environmental, transport and community impacts already communicated (and detailed on this web site), experienced shipping and haulage representatives from the PCs pointed out that Felixstowe Port tonnage volumes published by the government showed that the volumes had reduced over recent years from there previous maximum, but also the building of a logistics and warehousing centre close to the Port makes no business sense compared with options closer to the Midlands. Mr. Ridley said he was advised that the Port was under threat from consolidation in the shipping industry, the economic situation and increasing port capacity throughout the UK. The Parish Councils strongly recommended that SCDC should undertake or commission an independent review of port volumes, traffic, land and other needs rather than simply rely on the views of the Port, Bidwells and Trinity College - which might be considered by some to be an exercise in self interest instead of seeking the best interests of the community, District and the region as a whole.

If you think this proposed development is unacceptable, join the kirton countryside conservation group on Facebook to share your views and get involved.  Also please help to disseminate this information by sharing with your friends and neighbours, and maybe get involved in leaflet drops etc.


Port of Felixstowe Local Authority Liaison meeting - 17th March 2017

This twice yearly meeting hosted by the Port of Felixstowe is used as a vehicle for updating local councils on Port operations/plans and includes Port and associated land developments. At this meeting Bidwells (acting for Trinity College) notified that the following areas have been submitted as part of the 'SCDC call for sites' response for housing.

a) The area of Bucklesham Rd/Trimley Rd from Innocence Lane to the first housing opposite Falkenham Rd, bounded to the east by the footpath running across to Innocence House.

b) The pocket of land opposite Park Lane (not extending to the rear of existing properties).

The expectation is that SCDC will include these in their Local Plan Review commencing June/July (see above article

Bidwells also confirmed their intent to apply for planning permission to develop Innocence Farm to fulfil anticipated off-port haulage and logistics demand, due to foreseen shortages of land around the Port area.

Amongst comments raised was the fact that it would be difficult to justify such development whilst there appears to be ongoing difficulty leasing existing land around the Port area (eg proposed Uniserve distribution Centre and haulage capacity opposite Dooley pub).

If you think this proposed development is unacceptable, join the kirton countryside conservation group on Facebook to share your views and get involved.  Also please help to disseminate this information by sharing with your friends and neighbours, and maybe get involved in leaflet drops etc.


Poor state of Innocence Lane and Back Road

Members of the PC met with SCC Highways on 18th January to show them the poor state of Innocence Lane and Back Road.  We had previously written to them about the shoddy state of the repair work to Innocence Lane, and we were advised that this had only intended to be a short term fix using a small amount availability of funding - it might have helped if they had told us this in the first place!

Regarding the overall state of both roads we were advised the repair was on their 'two year plan' and constrained by funding. From the PCs perspective this isn't a viable solution, and we need to continue to pressurise for adequate repairs to be completed.

Part of our previous correspondence with SCC asked how vehicle repair claims resulting from the poor road conditions would be handled, and its of note that one villager is in the process of making a claim.  We will endeavour to get a claim form for this site, however in the mean time if you need to make a claim please write to Malcolm King at SCC Highways.


Community Emergency Plan

Residents of Kirton and Falkenham should by now have received a news letter outlining the Community Emergency Plan, and requesting details of people in need of assistance and those able to offer assistance, in the case of an emergency.  If you haven't already done so please download and complete the form as appropriate.  Thankyou.



An outline planning proposal entitled 'Proposed Scoping Opinion for proposed logistics facility' has been submitted by Bidwells on behalf of Trinity College for the development on the Innocence Farm site.  The PC received this on Sat 7th Jan, however were able to draft a response objecting to the proposal which was reviewed at the PC meeting 9th Jan, the final response is viewable here. The planning application is viewable on the SCDC planning web site where it is also able to comment.  Click to view Bidwells' Proposal Document

The salient points detailed in Proposal document are:

1) Large scale logistics park occupying the entire extent of Innocence Farm, bounded by Kirton Rd, Innocence Lane, Croft Lane & A14.  Bunds are proposed, to reduce the impact on nearby residents.

2) Up to 3,200 HGVs per day - initial access via A14/Croft Lane, with an underpass to be provided for westward traffic at an undisclosed future date

3) Up to 600 cars - access via A14/Kirton Road, via new roundabout before TSM School.

The closing date for comments is 26th Jan.

The PC objection will focus on: Unused existing brown-field sites in the Port area; Unjustified and unrealistic land demand profile; Traffic congestion and associated impact on the village community and associated establishments.

Please share this information with anyone likely to be affected.


Precept increase 17/18

The PC have agreed to submit a precept increase for 17/18 of 7.2%.  The current estimate is that this will be around £2 per year for a Band D property  The reasons for the increase is two-fold:

Clerk's salary: The necessary alignment to nationally agreed salary bands for council employees.  The plan is to fund the revised salary budget from the precept over a 3 year period with a nominal 6% increase in each year beginning 17/18.  The shortfall in salary budget in each year will be funded by Reserves and/or efficiencies.

Inflation: CPI is currently 1.2% and is predicted to rise over the next year, however the PC has taken a relatively conservative approach by incorporating a 1.2% inflation related increase for 17/18.


Wild Bird Surveillance - 2016 (Bird Flu)

There are currently some outbreaks of Avian Influenza in Europe, with several new EU countries now affected (Finland, France, Romania and Sweden).

There are reports of H5N8 HPAI in wild birds (including; Tufted Ducks, Common Pochards, mute swans and various gulls as well as other waterfowl, such as grebes, curlews, herons and coots and some raptor species), poultry and captive birds and these are continuing. To date there have been 35 outbreaks in domestic poultry (Austria, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden), five in captive birds (Germany and Netherlands), one in captive wild birds (France).

The risk to the UK remains at medium for any incidents of H5N8 HPAI (Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza) due to the movements of wild birds. The migration season is expected to peak between December and January when migratory birds will be present at their normal wintering sites here in the UK, however these birds are already arriving and have been for several weeks now.

To enable better monitoring of the situation here in the UK, Defra are once again asking the public to assist them by reporting incidences where they come across more than five birds of any species found dead grouped together or where a single wild duck, wild goose, swan or gull is found.

You can report these to Defra using their helpline (Tel: 03459 33 55 77), or on twitter by using  #BirdFlu and tweeting to @DefraGovUK.

the latest data captures can be found at:

Further details can be found at:


SCDC Call for sites & PC response

Work is underway on a review of the Suffolk Coastal District Council Local Plan. The new Local Plan will guide development in the District over the next 15 to 20 years. As part of the review, SCDC are looking for sites that have the potential for new development. This includes new housing (5+ dwellings), employment and industrial, retail, community facilities, open space and more.

As a result of a recent meeting with Trinity College and their agents Bidwells, it is understood there will likely be a submission for the land opposite Park Lane for housing.  The exact nature of this is unknown at this time since the deadline for submissions is 28th Oct and we expect to be notified after this date. We also anticipate Innocence Farm to be a likely submission with respect to Port related warehousing and distribution. It is also possible/probable that other submissions will be made, however these have not been made known to the PC at this stage.

This subject was a matter of great debate during the Public Open Form prior to the PC meeting on 17th October. During the PC meeting the Parish Council restated that it considers it inappropriate to develop further housing in the villages given that our requirement has already been met by our current allocation in the Local Plan, and will be writing to SCDC on that basis. Regarding the subject of Innocence Farm, it is our strongly held view that all existing 'brown field' sites in the Port area should be considered before greenfield sites and we continue to lobby on this basis.

If this is a matter of interest to you, you are urged to monitor and be active in the debate to ensure any development proposals are aligned with your views. Further details can be found on the SCDC website


Back Lane repairs

Following the extremely poor attempt by TW contractors in early Oct to repair the damage caused by their lorries the issue has been escalated to Suffolk County Council Highways.  We have a commitment from them that their inspector will be reviewing Back Lane this week (w/b 17th Oct) with a view to sorting the problem.  They have also given us commitment to shortly complete a permanent repair to the gully drain on the corner of Back Lane/Trimley Rd.


Audited accounts

You can view the audit results here


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